The Fairies Meditation

The fairies meditation is how the fairies help calm you and relax you. Helping you see clear and to change your thinking about life.


Sit comfortably and relax, take several deep breaths and close your eyes. You should now feel yourself going deep into your meditation. Now with very inhale feel a white light come into your body and on the exhale feel all your thoughts floating away. If you feel there is chatter in your mind, do not fight it. Just think about the white light and let it take your body over. Now breathe deeply into your belly and hold your breath, now exhale and release any tension.

Imagine you are standing in a kitchen of a very old house in the middle of the country, this kitchen looks out on to a beautiful garden and as you look out of the window, you can see it is full of flowers and the colors capture your thoughts. There are violets, reds, oranges, pinks and yellows. There is also some beautiful tall trees and branches moving in the evening breeze.

You tidy the kitchen and then approach the stairs to the bedroom. Once you reach the bedroom, you go to close the curtains from the night sky. As you pull the curtains, you see a strange white light in the garden. You cannot see the bright light that clearly, so you go back down stairs through the kitchen and you open the back-door and walk out into the garden.

You walk towards the white light and as you approach, you see it is not a big area of white light, but it is very bright and in the light, you see some tiny little fairies they are dressed in the prettiest colors. You stand and watch the fairies as the dance around and play together.

One of the fairies see you standing there and comes over and invites you to join them, so you lie on the ground very close to them and you watch in amazement at the activities going on. You stay there for a short time and they make you very welcome, and you feel relaxed and happy.

You now decide to take your leave, you thank the fairies for having you, and you stand and leave the fairies to play.

You walk back to the house feeling very special because you have had the most amazing evening. As you reach the house, you go into the kitchen and close the door behind you.

You are now feelings tired so once again you go up the stairs to the bedroom. As you finish closing the curtains, you look outside again and you see that the white light has gone. You climb into bed and lay very calm and content thinking about the fairies.

When you are ready open, your eyes and you will find yourself back where you started feeling very relaxed.