The Lake Meditation

This meditation gives you a place of peace and wonder. The lake meditation helps you to see life in a positive way.


This is very important it is your protection.

Close your eyes and breathe in through your nose to the count of four, hold your breath for the count of four and breathe out to the count of four. Do this several times at your own pace. Image a tiny seed located within your chest.

This seed can be seen to be a white light. Visualize this white light getting brighter and bigger.

Every time you breathe out this light grows brighter and bigger until eventually it becomes like a brilliant white egg that surrounds you.

You are standing on the edge of a lake. It is dusk. On the other side of the lake you can see the outline of mountains stretching into the evening sky. As you stand there gazing across the lake you feel the first drops of gentle rain on your head.

You turn your face to the sky and the rain washes gently over you. It is gentle rain and as it trickles down your upturned face you feel your mood begin to lift. It is a cleansing rain and you stand there enjoying its soothing effect.

When you feel ready you turn your back on the lake and begin to walk up the side of the hill. As you walk along the gently climbing path you notice that the light is improving. It is no longer so dark and you feel more energized. All around you are the sounds of scurrying animals but this does not worry you, instead you find it comforting.

You can hear your feet crunching on the gravel of the path and you can smell the fragrance of night flowers scenting the air around you.

You continue to climb, feeling your mood lift higher with every step. As you climb the sky begins to lighten and the rain gets lighter and lighter. The sky is now blue and the rain has completely stopped.

You can hear the gentle babbling of a stream and as you turn the corner you see a brook in front of you. You step into the brook and let the cool water wash over your bare feet. The sun is now bathing the sky in brilliant light. It is lovely and warm and the water feels cool and refreshing.

When you feel ready you continue onwards and upwards eventually coming to a copse of trees. You walk into the glade of trees enjoying the patterns caused by the dappled sunlight on the ground as it penetrates the branches and leaves of the trees.

One tree in particular takes your eye. You feel drawn to this tree; it may be a sturdy oak, a tall elegant birch, a weeping willow or some other tree. In front of the tree is a blanket. There is a pattern, design or picture on the blanket. You go over to the blanket and sit down on it.

You feel very relaxed and comfortable. This is you special place. Whenever you feel in need of peace and quiet you can take yourself here and unwind. Stay there for as long as feels comfortable.

When you are ready gradually allow yourself to become aware of your earthly surroundings (the room you are sitting in and everyday noises). When you are fully awake allow the white light to go back to the small seed in your chest.