The Spirit World

The Truth of the Spirit World. The Spirit World is the real world and the true home of human souls. The Spirit World is the answer to the question - Where do we come from?


So where is the spirit world? It is right here, where you are. You do not have to travel in order to get to the spirit world. It is not separate from the Earth plain by distance, as you perceive distance. What separates the Earth plane from the spirit plain is DIMENSION.

It is through the doorway of consciousness and dimension that spirit must pass in order to enter the spirit world. At some point, you will all pass through that doorway. When you leave the Earth plane and how you get to that doorway varies from person to person, due to conditions and circumstances. What you experience once you pass through the doorway varies to some degree with the circumstances. However, it is the same doorway for everyone. Kings, prophets, saints, rich and poor, everyone pass through the same door.

The spirit world exists in a higher rate of vibration; it is different to the three-dimensional Earth plane. From time to time people experience a heightened or extended sense of perception, and they catch glimpses of this amazing world. Mediums have trained themselves to do this at will.

An out of body experience happens when the spirit or consciousness separates itself from the confinements of the body and brain, helping it to experience other worlds.

Every night when you are sleeping your spirit separates from the Earth and visits the spirit world. Sometimes your dreams may show your fears, cares and concerns. Many have claimed they have visited departed loved ones in their dreams. The skeptic would say that such experiences result from having a veered imagination. However, nowadays most of us know better and these precious experiences are far more than about a veered imagination. The first thing you have to understand about the spirit world is that you do not have to die in order for you to visit this wonderful place. Furthermore, you can be in touch with your loved ones even while on Earth.

What do spirits do in the spirit world? I have been asked this question many times. In spirit you do not go to work, you do not have to earn money, and you do not have to worry about bills, these are aspects of earthly life. Therefore, when you live in spirit you engage in living a very simple life. The reason this is a popular question, is that you can only perceive life through the physical form; this means you cannot imagine what you can do without your physical body.

What motivates you on Earth will very likely motivate you in spirit. Death accomplishes one thing, it allows you to shed your earthly body and move through the doorway. You do not change dramatically, nor do you becoming all knowing and perfect. You are the same person on that side of the doorway as you are on this side of the doorway.

You learn very often through struggle, and you grow through hard work. Nothing in spirit is handed to you on a silver platter. Just because you are working for spirit or helping others with your gift in your physical body does not mean you are going to be treated any differently.

In spirit, you seek to communicate with your earthly loved ones. You meet your departed loved ones and there is a grand reunion. Spirit tells me that it is so wonderful and amazing when you meet those loving members who are waiting to welcome you into your new life. People who suffer long-term illness will often see there loved ones come close at the time of death. This gives them joy, comfort and a sense of knowing that everything is going to be fine.

Your love, your hopes, your aspirations and your dreams are all part of you and you are given every opportunity to follow those dreams in spirit. The spirit world is a world of tremendous opportunity and fulfillment, even more so than on the Earth plane.

In spirit, you devote much of your time assessing the life you had on earth. You look at the successes and the failures, and you do this without clouded vision. There are special spirit helpers who guide and assist you. For some this can be very painful as they face themselves and their earthly deeds. However, even for these unfortunate souls, there is always love and guidance as they find their way through the consequences of what may have been an unhappy life.

As time passes, you integrate more and more of your recent earth life and its experiences into the essence of the spirit. More and more of your family and loved ones will join you. Eventually you move further along the spirit world into areas, which are separate in terms of vibration. You can always draw back close to your earthly condition in order for you to communicate with your earthly loved ones or family members. Therefore, you are never separated from your beloved, no matter where they are or may be. This you should always keep in mind.

The whole of the spirit world is comprised of various levels of consciousness and states of vibration. As you move along in the spirit world, you pass through these various stages. There are even varies levels of vibration within each of the afterlife stages. In fact, you experience a type of death each time you past from one level of spirit into another.

The various areas of the spirit world that you travel through are known as the astral world or astral plane. (I will go into more detail about the astral plane in chapter 10). It is here that you spend a good amount of your time assessing your most recent earthly life, while you await the arrival of your earthly loved ones. It is also, where much of the more difficult aspects of the recent earth life are confronted and healed, to the degree that you are willing to confront them, allowing you to heal according to your overall stage of spiritual progression.

Freedom of choice is inherent to all spirit. It is here that you heal and you experience transformation only to the degree that you are willing to confront and change what needs to be changed. There are countless spirit emissaries and helpers always anxious to guide and inspire you along the pathway of spiritual healing and transformation. However, change can only come through if you desire to change and you have a willingness to work through what needs to be changed. Therefore, you should endeavor to make those changes now, while you are on the Earth plane, and not when you arrive in spirit.