Dealing and understanding your negative thoughts

Negative thoughts drain your energy. The more you give in to them, the stronger they become. Start understanding your negative thoughts so you can break free and move on in life.


Changing your life from negative to positive. The first thing to do is create a list of goals. Remember this list should be goals that are positive, do not go over past events.

All too often, what starts out, as a positive exercise in forward thinking, becomes an energy draining exercise in agonizing over past failures. How many times have you tried and failed to change your life? Why not try something a little different. How about shifting your focus from what you did not do, to what you actually did do and start building from there.

Many people have a hard time giving themselves credit for what is working in their lives. We all have a habit of beating ourselves up, blaming ourselves for what is not right, and what is not working. All that negativity requires a huge amount of energy. It tires you out, drains you of joy and blocks out any sense of hope and well-being for the future. It completely obscures a great deal of the good you have going for you.

Here is a six-step process you can follow to support you in changing your life from negative thoughts to positive ones giving you a joyous new attitude.

Make a list of all the things you have done so far this year. Think about the things you are proud of, all the areas where you moved forwards thereby bring change into your life. List the things you are grateful for in your life and how you contribute to those around you.

Add to your list what you appreciate about the things you have accomplished. Congratulate yourself for these noteworthy accomplishments. Do not get caught up in focusing on what you have failed to accomplish.

Take inventory of your negative thoughts and feelings. What are you hanging on to that is draining your energy? What resentments are you holding on to? What are you angry about? Who are you angry with?

To start understanding your negative thoughts; watch them as if you are an outsider, sometimes you can get carried away with your thoughts. When this happens, it is important that you do not justify or control them. Once you start understanding your negative thoughts, you can start to concentrate on your positive thoughts instead. After a time you will being to cut down on negative thoughts and start to build on positive ones giving you a better quality of life.

One way you can do this is by keeping yourself busy, by doing deep breathing and relaxation exercises, these methods will help you with your thoughts. To help you understand your negative thoughts start to notice how they influence your actions and how they make it harder for you to trigger off positive change. Negative self-talk is a harmful habit that is easy to fall into, in a way it is a defense mechanism, that you can develop to protect yourself from talking risks or trying a new challenge.

When you say to yourself “I am not capable of this or it’s too hard”, you avert the opportunity to try a new experience because you believe you will fail. One way to identify and start understanding your negative thoughts is to keep a journal, where you can write down your thoughts as they occur. Start to make frequent notes of your experiences, emotions and feelings throughout the day.

The purpose of the journal is to help you start understanding your negative thoughts. When you identify a negative thought, you can write it down and place a positive one next to it. You can keep this as a reminder so that you can take action next time it happens.

So let’s replace your negative thoughts with positive ones. Each time you find yourself thinking negatively, you can say “STOP” and force yourself to replace that thought with something positive. This will feel unnatural at first, but with practice, it will become an unconscious habit. As your faith in yourself increases, so will your positive thinking.

Another way you can reinforce positive thoughts is by using images coupled with emotions. However, this does require more practice and effort but it does strengthen the quality of positive thoughts. To do this focus on a happy memory that makes you feel good. Close your eyes and think about what you were feeling at that time.

When you associate a feeling with an image, your positive thoughts are reinforced and become stronger. The more you practice this exercise the more positive you become, leading to an overall positive altitude to yourself and those around you. Your personal improvement will encourage those around you to be just as positive, which in turn will reflect back to you and trigger more thinking that is positive.

Negative ways of thinking can be highly destructive to you and your life. If you take one poor experience in your day and then think the entire day is awful, you create a negative thought pattern and the rest of the day will follow through bad. So in other words the more you focus on how bad your day is the more you miss out on positive thoughts. Had you believed the day was going to get better and used the power of positive thought to make it that way, you would have ended the day on a positive note.

As you continue to bombard yourself with negative ways of thinking, you begin to believe negative things about yourself and your behavior will follow suit.

So start understanding your negative thoughts and change them to positive ones.