The Waterfall Meditation

This waterfall meditation does not bring water but a stream of healing energy. Just like any meditation technique you will need a quiet place.


Sit comfortably and relax, take several deep breaths and close your eyes. You should now feel yourself going deep into your meditation. Now with very inhale feel a white light coming into your body and on the exhale feel all the thoughts in your head floating away.

If you feel there is chatter in your mind, do not fight it. Just think about the white light and let it take over. Now breathe deeply into your belly and hold your breath, now exhale and release any tension and under needed thoughts.

You now find yourself standing in a beautiful forest there are beautiful marble statues. In front of you, you can see a beautiful waterfall. You now walk over to the waterfall and take a closer look, you then decide to remove your clothing and take a refreshing shower under the waterfall, all around you; you can hear the sounds of nature.

The water feels warn and you start to feel very relaxed. As you stand under the waterfall, you left up your head and you can feel all the stresses and problems being washed away. You can feel all the negative thoughts in your mind clearing as you become more and more relaxed.

It gives you a calming and a relaxing feeling. You now start thinking about your life. You realize how grateful you are for the little things you have. You think about the people that have helped you and the people that love you.

You now step out of the waterfall and start walking again, you see in the distance a house.  You go inside and walk up to the bathroom. When you go inside you see a hot bath. In the background, you can still hear the waterfall and the sounds of nature.

You now step into the hot bath; the water feels hot and makes your body ting. As you start to enjoy this wonderful sensation, you start to lose yourself and then you see yourself in a year’s time, you see all the goals you want to achieve and will achieve in a year’s time.

Now see how you feeling, happy, energetic and positive, you see yourself healthy and you take a moment to image this New Year head of you.

You are now ready to achieve anything you want; you have the power and the discipline. Nobody can stop you. Remember you are a wonderful person and you poses great powers so allow yourself to release these powers you totally desire it now. Feel this new energy coming from you and enjoy this feeling, take a few minutes to enjoy this image.

You slowly come around and you step out of the hot bath, you walk back through the door and out the house back to the waterfall in the forest, where you redress yourself. As you do this, you know you are a stronger person and you know now you hold your future.

Count from three and as you do so, you will feel yourself returning to your body.

Now go to three remember this place and know you can return

Now go to two start to move your toes and legs

Now one open your eyes and fined yourself back where you start