Financial freedom and wealth creation

Once you establish financial freedom, it will bring wealth into existence; you need to start by understanding wealth is not only about money it’s about life and happiness.


Wealth creation is possibly at the top of your list. Obviously, this is because money is essential to you and an abundance of money creates freedom within your life. Wealth is closely connected to the law of attraction and this can be one of the most challenging areas, not because the rules are different, but because the areas of money are emotionally connected.

Within the area of conscious creation, the broader and deeper understanding of the nature of reality means you should not limit yourself to financial wealth alone; however, you should have a deeper idea in mind, the emotional and psychological wealth that comes with fulfillment and happiness. However, financial wealth is also essential and to be expected! The law of attraction can be used in every area of your life, and is not only to gain money.

To create money using the law of attraction involves the same process as you would use to create anything in your life. Your financial wealth is reflected in your beliefs and ideas, therefore to create money you have to explore your beliefs and know what wealth means to you right now. Initially do not concern yourself with what you would like to believe, but take sometime to write down what you do believe.

There is a world of difference between the two sets of beliefs and before you can consciously create wealth, you have to start with your present belief system. Take some time to write down you ideas on money, what do you feel about money, do you think creating wealth is hard or easy? Explore what you think will happen when you achieve wealth and does it feel good? Many of us will create wealth whilst being scared of money or thinking that money is the root to all evil. Obviously, you cannot be successful until you alter your limited beliefs around money, fear and evil. You have to have a positive belief and the freedom it brings. You also have to have a strong sense of worth and believe you desire it! Do you? I believe you do

So what are your beliefs about wealth? How do you believe you can create wealth? What ability do you have to use the law of attraction effectively? Once you have written down you beliefs and feelings (very important) about these subjects, you can change your ideas. You can do this by consciously choosing to focus on the ideas that benefit you. Now write down ideas that are going to help you make money that with create you the wealth you desire.

Take ten minutes a day to focus on new ideas, then relax and forget about them let reality do the work for you. The trick is to start placing more energy, focus and intention into your new ideas, in doing so you will remove the energy that is being used on old ideas.

When you use the law of attraction anything becomes possible. To do so use what you know about the power of your beliefs, remove your limited ideas, and focus on what you want, have patience; it takes time to transfer energy from one set of beliefs to another.

It is out there for you, all you need to do is believe.