Wealth Creation

What stops you succeeding financially and having prosperity in life? How succeeding financially through wealth creation works.


What stops you succeeding financially and having prosperity in life?

The answer to this question is focused around the belief that financial success is not possible for you. This is not true. The only thing that stands in your way are the barriers in your unconscious mind, these barriers prevent you from creating wealth.

If you are limiting your beliefs about money at an unconscious level it will be difficult for you to move through your financial limitations, your unconscious mind will be placing negative thoughts in your mind stopping you from succeeding financially. This is why you will be living from pay check to pay check your whole life. At a conscious level you will not believe you are capable of changing your life.

At a conscious level, you will possible think you are doing everything possible to achieve financial freedom; however, there is a part of your unconscious mind that does still not believe you can achieve success now.

For example, how many people do you know that have read books on improving their financial situation, have used affirmations and have used positive thoughts, and yet they still have not reached financial freedom. Although all these are well worth doing, they sometimes never get to the core issues which usually involve the unconscious belief system.

When talking to people who want financial freedom, I have found that their unconscious beliefs about money will stop them achieve success. Below are some of the common excuses I have come across.

* I would have to work hard to get financial freedom
* I will never be rich
* Life will always be a struggle
* Money is hard to manage
* Money only goes to money
* I would need money to make money
* It is too late in my life to achieve success now
* I do not have the ingredients that is necessary to start succeeding financially

These types of beliefs will limit you because you are looking for the answers outside of yourself. When in reality the key to succeeding financially exists within you. Wealth is not what you have; it is a state of mind. The ones that have financial freedom have positive beliefs about money, life and most importantly they believe in themselves.

Instead of focusing on all the possible ways to get rich, many people are obsessed about what they do not have. An interesting pattern develops here, where they become angry or resentful over their situation, this creates more limitations and barriers. It is easy to get ahead in life when you have a positive frame of mind. Look at it this way - would you prefer a positive frame of mind or an angry or resentful frame of mind.


Try this exercise.

Think about something that you want and all of the possibilities that you have to achieving it, “what is possible”?


Now try something different.

Think of something that you do not have, but that you would like to have. Think about all the reasons why you do not have it and how you wish you could have it?

Notice which one of these statements make you feel better, hopefully the first statement made you feel better. The reason for this is it is designed to expand your unconscious and conscious mind around succeeding financially. It is amazing what can happen to you once you change your life, your attitude and your belief about achieving success. Once you shift your thinking you will start to see results almost instantaneously. This shift may be small at first, but as you continue to embrace the change in your life you will start to open the door of opportunities and the door to financial freedom.

Succeeding financially will not determine who you are, it is simply a resource. Having a strong inner sense of self-worth is what is truly important. Money is merely an external element. Once you stop equating your self-worth with money, you open the door of opportunities. Once you feel better about yourself, you become lease fearful and you become open to trying something completely different. This in turn leads you to change your life and to achieve success.

To succeed financially and to have prosperity in life is about opening up possibilities. It all starts with a dream. Then it is a matter of turning that dream into reality. As you open up to new ideas you can embrace your own self-worth and you will achieve success. The outer world is truly a reflection of your inner world. If you feel good on the inside you will generally show it on the outside. This will help you to create wealth and financial freedom.

Start thinking about your dream, be positive and start succeeding financially now


Remember this.

Many millionaires have been bankrupt, however; because of their mind set and their beliefs in a short time they will completely turn their financial situation around for the better. Believe me you can do the same just believe in yourself.