What happens to suicide victims in the afterlife?

Someone who is grieving for a suicide victim needs to understand there is no special punishment assigned to suicide victims in the afterlife.


When conducting psychic readings a few questions that offer comes up is will my loved one go to hell because they took their own life.

The bottom line is that no one is send to hell for ending their life. If throughout your life you feel you are doing so much wrong that you cannot forgive, you are free to blame yourself for a eternity, however it is neither required nor necessary, and I would not recommend you do it. So forgive yourself and learn from your mistakes.


Do suicides linger or do they cross over?

When doing reading I have encountered both. I have been in contact with people who kill themselves; they shed their mortal coil and sloughed off their ego and bounce happily into the light to meet friends and family on the other side.

I have seen in this group are people who understand in advance that suicide is not a sin, who understand or are aware of how things work on the other side and those who are not ashamed or feel guilty about ending their life. They cross over happily and easily.

I have also been in contact with suicides who linger, who refuse to walk into the light because of fear, shame or guilt. They do not want to be judged. So they linger as long as they can, usually by attaching themselves to a member of the family and they use their energy to stay connected to Earth.

Others realize they have made a mistake and are desperate to get back to their human body, so they hang on for a short time. Some linger to get forgiveness from the ones they have left behind or they sometime attempt to ease their loved ones pain. Some linger because they are still carrying depression and cannot slough it off.


Who in the spirit world helps the suicide victims?

Those who people they have used suicide or linger are not alone. There are angels that hover around them helping them heal and cross over. The angels guard them so they are not disturbed by others that are also hanging around on the same plane. The angels help them to forgive themselves so they can cross over peacefully.


How do you help someone that has committed suicide?

If you have lost a loved one through suicide you can create feeling of anger towards them. This is normal. If you think your loved one has not crossed over, you can help them cross over. All you need to do is forgive them, let go of your anger and send them love.
Those that are lingering out of fear can also be encouraged to walk into the light. Just send them love and reassurance them they will walk into the light.


Are they suffering?

Sometimes the suicide who lingers can appear to be suffering emotionally. Again, this is unnecessary and hopefully will not last. However, I have encountered some spirits who replay and repeat the misery in their lives over and over again. They continue to feel depressed, despair and emotional turmoil until they can cross over with the help from the angels. If you suspect your love one is in this state, it is important to help them cross over by talking to them, you need to encourage them to walk into the light and forgive themselves.


What signs do I look for from my loved one?

The same as you would get from any loved one that has passed over and trying to get your attention.

* You could feel their presence near to you.

* Their special song comes on the radio when you are thinking about them.

* Clock stops

* Electrical disturbances for no reason.

* Pictures or photos get knocked over.

* Smelling their perfume or aftershave.

More often than not they will come to you in your dreams or whilst you are meditating. You can talk to your deceased love one anytime. To hear or see their response, you will need to be dreaming, meditating or have psychic abilities. However, even if you cannot see them or hear them you can still talk to them as it will help them cross over. I you really need to know what is happening or you want to make sure your loved one is receiving your message you can go and see a medium or psychic.


Do they regret committing suicide?

Regret is the one emotion I do sense in the people who come to me in a reading. However, I am usually connecting with the one who do regret their passing, so I would not say that all suicide’s regret their act. In fact I have connected with a least five suicide’s that I can recall who basically said their life was bad and it was no big deal to leave the Earth plane.

The sad thing is when they realize that there was other ways of dealing with their problems that they could not see when they were alive.


The Game of Life.

Remember life is a game. You make a character, start the game, and do the best you can with the recourses you get. When and if you get to a point where playing the game is simply too painful, you can choice to stop playing. Sometimes you do not realize that help was a phone call away. However, it is not the end of the world.

Suicide does leave holes in the lives of the people they leave behind however, they do not see it that way.

They just want away out so you should forgive them.