What Is Past Life Regression?

To answer the question what is past life regression. It allows you to understand who you are as an immortal soul living a human life. Letting you retrieve past memories.


Does a past life influence your present everyday life? Do you sometimes wonder where a certain habit, fear or other unusual behavior comes from? Why do you think you have been somewhere before? Perhaps you have!

Past life regression takes you on a trip into your past life, it unlocks doors in your mind that opens other worlds, worlds that were yours in another time. This gentle meditation state allows you to steer your way on a fascinating tip into another life, one that you may have lived before. The very act of going back into the past starts with a process of healing, relaxing and letting go of your present life. Do you believe you learn something from your past life, what words of wisdom would you want to bring back with you? Who you are now, is strongly influenced by who you were before; your very character is carved from experiences, both in this life and in your past life.


A question for you.

Have you met a stranger and felt an instant feeling of recognition and friendship? You can often find this person becomes important in your life, sometime you even marry them. So the question here is, have you known them before?

With past life regression you are lead gently into a calm state of mind using visualization and relaxation techniques. Throughout the process you will not fall asleep, you remain in control, and fully aware of what is happening. It is perfectly safe and a natural state of mind, it is similar to daydreaming.

Sometimes a therapist can bring the effects of a traumatic experience into this life from a previous one, resulting in irrational fears, phobias or a behavior patterns. Under regression, these issues are dealt with, so that they can no longer have any negative effects on you or your life. Past life regression explores your memories of previous lives, of which there are many.

A regression therapist can use one of two treatments hypnosis or hypnotism. Hypnosis induces an altered state of consciousness that brings out memories buried deep in your mind and makes them open to suggestion. When they use hypnotism, you are placed into a trance-like state in an effort to take you back through your sub-conscious to the time before your present life.

When you undergo a past life regression session, you will be able to recall specific details about places and events that happened long before you were born. Your personality, facial expression and voice may change. You may speak like a child, or you may have a strange accent or you may speak in a foreign language.

There is often no logical way to explain the subject of past life memories, however, there are many theories surrounding the subject. One theory is that you have been reborn many times and these are genuine memories, these memories are brought forward from the sub-conscious when you are under hypnosis. Another theory is that you inherit genetic memories, suggesting that what you experience during a regression session is not only your previous life, but events that evolved from your ancestors. Another suggestion is that while you are in a trance state, a spirit uses you as a medium between this world and the next.

If you are skeptic, you might claim that past life regression can be explain scientifically, where cryptomnesia, the extraordinary ability to recall detail information about something heard, or seen even for the briefest moment. These memories are stored in your sub-conscious and released during hypnosis. Another explanation offered is that past lives are a product of the imagination, perhaps stimulated by early childhood memories or suggestion made by the therapist conducting the regression session.

One of the most famous cases of past life regression happened in 1952 in U.S.A. with a women called Virginia Tighe. Whilst Virginia was under hypnosis, she recalled a previous life in which she called herself Bridey Murphy, a woman who lived in Ireland during the 19th century. Virginia talked in an Irish accent and sang Irish folk songs that were known to be popular in the 19th century. Virginia’s therapist published a book about her life as Bridey. Over time, journalists would flock to Ireland to verify her story. However, although the general details were consistent with her memories, no recorded evidence of Bridey or her family was found.

You can and do have the ability to access your own past life. You can train yourself to access your own past life memories.

Past Life Regression