What is Psychic Ability?

All of us possess a certain amount of psychic ability, even though they may never be aware of it. There are many ways you can become psychic.


When I talk about psychic ability, you may conjure up widely differing ideas and beliefs about what psychic means. You may believe that it is bestowed upon a person giving them extraordinary ability to know all things at all times, you may think it is like having x-ray vision, you may think it gives one the ability to know the future or the past including past lives, you may believe it means seeing spirit or talking to the dead, or you may believe it is a great power given to a few.

Whatever you believe the one thing we should be able to agree on is that rarely do any people hold the same belief, so let me begin by establishing what is meant when we say "psychic ability".

The word psychic comes from the Greek word meaning soul. Therefore, in following a psychic pathway, you are following the pathway of the soul. You are now possibly asking what the pathway of the soul is? It is the pathway of life lived with the understanding that you are a soul, and that spiritual growth is your primary purpose.

It is the understanding that your true essence is spiritual, and that your physical body is your instrument of expression, just as a piano is an expression through which music is expressed. The piano is designed to be capable of expressing beautiful music, but without the understanding and discipline of a talented pianist, the piano will sit unused. The piano expresses the creativity and awareness of the musician, it does not create music, and it channels the music. The same holds true for the use of psychic ability, your physical body and your mind is the tool, your instrument to explain what you see and what you hear.

Using your psychic ability is about training your awareness to expand and receive more information from others, from astral planes and from spirit. It is about learning how to expand your consciousness and to understand how your instrument of expression works and how your body receives energy. It is the art of evolving your physical body into a highly sophisticated receiver of vibration, which gives you accurate information to work with as you interact with others in your life. It is about training the mind to be open and receptive to the different planes of energy that constitute psychic activity. It is living a life that sees into things rather than looks at things and is open and responsive to the guidance of spirit at all times.


The basic principles for psychic ability.

Psychic gifts are gifts from the soul. You are a soul; therefore, you have the psychic gift

The development of your psychic gift is your birthright

Psychic gifts are messages from a divine source, directing you towards your own divine path and its highest creative expression

The development of gift is not selfish the gift is there to help all

Your gift will bring light and healing not only to you but to others around you

The psychic pathway is born in love and results in understanding

This pathway is gentle and powerful

Your psychic pathway does not flatter the ego; it supports the soul’s true essence

Having and using this gift does not make you any better than anyone else, it just means you can help others to understand it

Understanding and developing your psychic ability is both fun and rewarding.