Why Meditate? 9 reason why

The benefits of meditation are virtually endless. Why meditate - Try it and see how it can improve your quality of life.


When you start meditation you will find that you sleep well and feel more refreshed in the morning. Also you will find that your thoughts are much clearer and you are on top of things. By meditating you will have more energy, feel healthier and be able to think and work more efficiently and enjoy life more.

Everyone has special reasons why they like to meditate. You might find you want to mediate because it helps you to study or it helps with healing or just to relax. Practicing meditation is like building good health. It takes time and effort, so you should try to avoid having unrealistic expectations about what you can achieve.

People meditate for 9 main reasons:


1. Relaxation

Leaning to relax consciously and to do it quickly in any situation is the first step in meditation. By relaxing you unwind not just the body but also the mental preoccupations that wire you up in the first place. Relaxing consciously is usually first done in a quiet place with eyes closed. Just to be more relaxed each day is enormously valuable for your health.


2. Health

Meditation releases muscular tension and lowers high blood pressure. It also stimulates the immune system and the production of white blood cells. It opens air passages and helps to increases blood circulation to the digestive tract, including the skin and the brain. Meditation helps to improve circulation which means the entire body is better fed with nutrients and waste products being removed more efficiently. Meditation speeds recovery rates after illness or surgery. There has been medical evidence which suggests that meditation can be particularly effective if you have insomnia, migraines, asthma, chronic pain, hypertension and allergies. It also has very positive results with the nervous systems. You will find after three or four weeks of steady practice there will be great improvement in your general health and well being.


3. Inner peace and harmony

Most people would say that inner peace is impossible because of the way we have chaos in our life. Yet tranquility however fleeting will always be with you when you relax. In those moments when you fully enjoy the beauty of nature or play with your dog, your fears and anger are suspended, no matter what trials and tribulations the day has thrown at you.


4. Concentration

When you have a lot of stress this undermines your ability to concentrate. If you try to think and do a dozen different things at once you will do none of then well. By practicing meditation will help you to focus on one thing at a time. You will then become skilled at discarding the mental trivia and unproductive obsessions. This gives space for you to work. You can then allow your entire mind to deal with the task at hand.


5. To improve performance

If you watch great dancers, tennis players or actors you find that they have grace and ease in there performance. They are relaxed and they use the right amount of energy for the task at hand. You will find that if you ask those people why, they would tell you that it is because of meditation. They will tell you that they know when to pause, however, they also felt surges of energy being directed to parts of there body.


6. Inspiration and vision

Meditation can create a space for inspiration to arise. Once this starts to happen you can activate the right side of your brain. This helps you to have dreams while you are fully awake. This will often give you flashes of insight. Meditation can also help to resolve some problems. It allows you to stand back as if you are retreating to a mountain. When you have reached the top you can survey the terrain below. You will find that answers come in a flash but only when the mind is in a tranquil state. In the Buddhist tradition “inner wisdom” (this is the only kind worth having) arises from flashes of insight. This is when you can step aside from your ego and see things more accurately.


7. Quality of life

You might think that Monks and Nuns lead lives that are full of rules. For instance, no sex, no entertainment and eating restrictions. In fact they may be leading lives of refined sensuality. Meditation can help you to live in a world rich in sensing and feeling. To enjoy a simple meal with awareness is more satisfying then being at a banquet with your mind elsewhere. When you have been meditating for a time, and you miss a sitting you could find your whole day goes to pot.


8. Self- awareness and therapy

Self knowledge starts with an awareness of the body. Depression is a lack of awareness. Sometimes you can become obsessed with ideas and not with reality. Meditation will bring you down to earth. It puts you in touch with the sensations of your body. Starting to recognize the reality of who you are may be uncomfortable, but self awareness has to begin somewhere. Learning to relax loosens the tensions of the day. This in turn can also loosen the repressed emotions that set those tensions in place. If you mind is strong and tranquil it can often throw up buried memories and emotions allowing them to be acknowledged and cleared. Meditation covers exactly the same ground as any psychotherapy.


9. Spiritual awakening

To understand your spiritual path you must clear your mind and listen. The Christians say you should become a space for God to enter into. The Buddhist tradition says an empty bowl can receive wisdom. What you cannot do is think your way to God. Good can come only when the mind is open and receptive. You can often pollute your mind with an endless parade of trivial thoughts and fantasies. By meditating you can weed these out as they arise from moment to moment. Any Buddhist would say to you when you have mastered the small moments the great moments are at hand.

If you are aiming for spiritual awakening you will meditate differently from someone trying to overcome insomnia, yet the rules are the same for both party’s. To succeed in both areas you need to be relaxed and aware if meditation is to help you in your daily life. Meditation is like learning to drive a car. There are certain procedures you have to follow. Once you have learn`t, it is up to you if you want to drive.


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