How to discover your true life purpose

If you want to discover your greatest strengths and dreams, learn how you can overcome your life’s challenges, and find your true life purpose with our five tips.


A simple question to ask, as a matter of fact, it is the most important question I can ask you, and I wonder if you could provide me with an answer within 10 seconds. Most people cannot. Here it is:

By exactly, I mean a complete description of how you want to live your true life purpose including the most important goal you would like to achieve. So answers like “make money”, “live in a big house”, or “meet someone special” have no place here. Such vague, non-specific answers are given by most people, and it is a sure sign that they have not identified what they really want to do with their lives.

The reason why it is so important to know the answer – in detail – to the question is because the answer reveals your dream. Your dream is unique to you, and it represents something very important to your happiness and growth as a person. It is an expression of the real you and gives enormous meaning to your life purpose.

So how do you know what your true life purpose is? Many people say to me “If only I knew what I really wanted”. If this applies to you, then here are my top tips to identify your dream:

1. Take the time to think seriously about what you want to do with your life. Ask yourself “How would I truly want to spend every day if I could choose freely”. This is serious time and you should spend at least an hour everyday working out the answers to this question.

2. On a sheet of paper, write down all the things you really enjoy doing and that you have a passion for. Write down all of the wonderful things you would like to try too. For example, my list contains: working with computers, writing, motivating others to succeed, playing guitar, music, cooking, travel, history, the arts.

3. On another sheet of paper, write down all of the things you definitely DO NOT want in your life. This is a great technique and brings clarity. For example, on my list, I have: No repetitive work, no bosses, no 9-5, no outdoor tasks, no relationships, no mysticism and no routines.

Be honest with this. If you do not like doing something, write it down. Duty has no role here; this is for you. If you do not like doing something, write it down.

4. Ask: “Who is this for?” Do you want to live a dream to gain approval from others or do you want to do it because YOU really want it for yourself? Your dream does not need anyone else’s approval; it is all about your true life purpose, not theirs. Wanting approval for a dream poses a threat: What if others do not approve? Do you make them happy or yourself happy? Have a dream because it is something you truly want to do; something that is important and gives meaning to your true life purpose because you deem it so. Obviously, approval from others is nice. But if others do not approve of the lifestyle you choose, then do not let it make a difference to you. Have the courage to be yourself and live your life purpose you deem appropriate and not the life others deem fit for you

5. Your dream is something special. It should excite you; fill you with a burning passion and a determination to achieve it. If you are lukewarm about it then chances are you will not give it your best shot. It should be something that you absolutely, definitely and positively HAVE to achieve. Failing to achieve it simply is not an option because it will make you seriously miserable and unhappy if you do not get what you want. It is vital that you have this commitment to your dream because a wishy-washy approach just will not cut the mustard. Think. Plan. Write it all down. Set goals. Then take action each and every day to take you closer to your dream.

Time for me to sign off.

Please do not just read this article and then move on to something else. TAKE ACTION. Use the tips to help you identify what is your life purpose.

Remember the question:

“What, exactly, do you want to do with your life?”

Only you can provide the precise answers.

Self Awareness