Understanding Zener Cards

Working with Zener cards helps you to strengthen your third eye. Develop and explore your psychic abilities with our useful tips and exercises.


These are another form of card symbols. People that are telepathic, use this method. With the Zener Cards, you use them as a tool for the mind.

Do you know what someone might say before they do? This is known as Telepathy.

This psychic tool is very useful. It allows you to be aware of what other people are thinking and allows you to understand their needs, with some accuracy.

This can be very helpful especially if you are trying to work out what someone expects of you.

This can improve your own telepathic skills by using proven techniques such as sending and receiving images. A psychic researcher created a series of five cards which are know as Zener Cards and they have five simple symbols a Star, Cross, Square, Circle and Wave Lines.

To help you get used to the cards make your own. All you need is a pack of 25 post cards and make five cards of each symbol. Draw the symbols clearly and make sure that the symbols are not visible through the other side.


The symbols are shown below.

Zener Cards


Some useful tips

Do not second-guess what the image might be.

Allow your mind to be as free as possible.

Do not analyze how the sender may have made the choice.

Once you get images do not dismiss them as ideas from your mind.

Keep a lookout for images that seem to come out of nowhere.

When you are making notes write down as much detail as possible, be honest.

Do not give up if you do not receive images. Keep trying and eventually you will succeed.

Take it in turns to be the sender and the receiver.



You need two people. One is the sender and one is the receiver of the symbols. Both study the symbols and when you are ready to start, sit in different rooms.

The sender now starts to shuffle the 25 cards they then choose a card and start to concentrate on the image for about 4 minutes.

When you are ready mentally, send the image to the receiver. Once the receiver feels they can see the image they should draw the symbol.

Once you have gone through all 25 cards, check the results and record the scores. There is a 20 to 25% chance of guessing the correct cards. If you get 25% right this will show a high telepathic ability.

Another way of improving your telepathy ability is to use completely random images, which the receiver has not seen. This is more difficult than using Zener Cards because the sender and the receiver would not have seen the cards. It will be helpful if you are in tune with the person you are doing the exercise with. It is especially good if you are twins.

With the next exercise, you can achieve even more from your telepathic experience. Stay open to every sign and image that you receive.



Ask the person who is doing this with you to send you a picture that you have never seen before. Keep it simple to start with an animal, tree or a building

When you are ready, ask your helper to concentrate on the object and then ask them to mentally start sending it to you.

Start to prepare yourself to receive the object.

Start to let images and sensations come into your mind. When they arrive, simply write down what you see.

When you are ready, check the results together.